Welcome to Your Accounting Department

In business, every minute ultimately translates to money earned or money lost.


Spend your valuable time making the money, not accounting for it.  The Accounting Department can facilitate your goals. We offer outsourced accounting solutions to meet your business needs and improve your bottom line by providing excellent resources at all levels.


We function as a virtual accounting department and business management service.

We bring you over 10 years of experience.  Our services are in place of or as a supplement to your existing accounting department.  We work in conjunction with your CPA as a permanent member of your team!


You maintain control!

Several levels of service are available, as well as your choice of software, with a monthly fee structure that is much lower than that of an employee, controller or bookkeeper without the cumbersome expense of hiring, training or paying employee benefits.

Our services are strictly confidential and seamless.

We help you stay on track with your business goals and meet your deadlines.  We become an extension of your business.